The Beautiful Foundation

The Beautiful Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that seeks to procure wholeness and a bright future within women and children who have survived these horrible circumstances. We have developed a series of programs that give aid to them; and, with your help, will continue to impact and shed light on this national crisis.
For the past nine years, we have served the community through our flagship program, Project Beautiful. The FOUNDATION has built relationships with them and the organizations who provide the support they require on a daily basis.

Founded in 2011, we launched a program called “Project Beautiful”.  It is our belief that all women have an inner beauty that is often masked by life’s circumstances, and struggles, such as physical and mental abuse.  Through this program, women receive hope and encouragement. They are empowered to harness their past experiences and use them to propel them forward. They receive one-on-one counseling, a full beauty make-over (hair, nails, makeup, and wardrobe) and assistance with employment if required.

Each year we anticipate greater success than the last and your donations help us to support more women who are in need, thus building a stronger community and making a difference.


Project Beautiful Pampers Women In Sheltesrs